Memoirs Of A Kenyan Spymaster by Joseph Kibati

Bart Joseph Kibati, who started dreaming as a schoolboy of becoming a James Bond-type intelligence agent and rose to become the Deputy Director of Intelligence with the notorious Special Branch, tells all in his first ever memoir by a top-level Kenyan spymaster. He served with the intelligence community for nearly 30 years. With a rare sense of humour and irony, a scrupulous attention to detail and sense of history, and a seriousness that can only come from an intelligence agent, he gives an ‘anything goes’ account of his life and experiences, from his humble beginnings and life in a white settler farm in the 1950s in the height of the Mau Mau uprising, to schooling at Mangu High School.

He gives us sparkling snippets of his family and community, as well as politics and intrigues of the time, including everything he knew; from smuggling coffee from Uganda to grabbing plots in Kenya. In a no-holds-barred, he tells not just about his work as a Special Branch officer but also a political and social history of Kenya. He shows us, with surprising candour and some home truths, how far we’ve come.

This book is a must read for historians, political scientists, journalists, policemen and indeed all Kenyans who love their country.

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