Terrorism in Africa

The motherland is reeling. What with Boko Haram causing havoc in Northern Nigeria and Al Shabaab turning what was previously idyllic Kenya into a hotbed of daily killings. The northern part of the continent is still feeling the after-effects of the Arab Spring, and while the south lays relatively unscathed the potential for terrorism spreading its foul miasma that way is not an indistinct possibility.

What then, for Africa?

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria could not have picked a better time to lock heads and try to find solutions to the problems that ail their respective nations.

Legacy Books International has taken a special interest in on-going efforts to combat terrorism and terrorist groups.

With publications like , , We believe that African problems have African solutions- and the hope is that the issues of insecurity and instability that have and continue to plague our continent will be issues of the past.

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