The Mobile Technology Question and Answer Book


Product Description


Author: Ron Schneiderman
Publisher: AMACOM
Date of Publication: December 15, 2001

ISBN: 978-0814471364

“Put together today’s two most important technologies–wireless and the Internet–and what do you get? “Mobile technology”–and a whole new way to do business. And businesspeople are full of questions, such as: * How can I apply mobile technologies to my business? * How can mobile personal information management systems give my company a competitive edge? * What products and services are currently available…and what’s coming? In the spirit of AMACOM’s The E-Commerce Question and Answer Book, Schneiderman provides compelling answers in an easy-look-up Q & A format. This informative book starts at the beginning and covers every angle, including: definitions of mobile technology and m-commerce terms and acronyms * key technologies * regulatory issues * applications * service providers * security and privacy issues * limitations of mobile info-tech * the future outlook. Cell phones and PDAs are everywhere, but that’s only the beginning! This book shows readers how to apply mobile technology to their business–and significantly shorten time-to-market in this new fast-paced mobile age.”