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UnBounded By Boniface Mwangi

  In just over a decade, Boniface Mwangi has risen from poverty to prominence in Kenya. He is renowned for his powerful photographs and his courageous protests calling for social justice. However, little is known about the man himself. UnBounded is a collection of engaging personal stories that takes us through some of the people, places [...]

Terrorism in Africa

The motherland is reeling. What with Boko Haram causing havoc in Northern Nigeria and Al Shabaab turning what was previously idyllic Kenya into a hotbed of daily killings. The northern part of the continent is still feeling the after-effects of the Arab Spring, and while the south lays relatively unscathed the potential for terrorism spreading [...]

Today’s Featured Book

    Bart Joseph Kibati, who started dreaming as a schoolboy of becoming a James Bond-type intelligence agent and rose to become the Deputy Director of Intelligence with the notorious Special Branch, tells all in his first ever memoir by a top-level Kenyan spymaster. This book is a must read for historians, political scientists, journalists, [...]

Food Supply Chain Management: Economic, Social and Environmental Perspectives

Publication Date: August 19, 2011 ISBN-10: 0415885892  ISBN-13: 978-0415885898 Edition: 1 Food Supply Chain Management: Economic, Social and Environmental Perspectives is very different from parts supply chain management as can be seen from the increasing health, safety and environmental concerns that are increasingly garnering the public’s attention about different food supply chain problems. Food supply [...]